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The mechanic in miniskirt

The mechanic  in miniskirt

The party finished in the early hours and when I left the bar it was raining cats and dogs. While waiting for the rain to ease I lit a cigarette and then noticed a few shuttered shops down the road two ladyboys sheltering from the deluge.

Each time my eyes strayed in their direction they gave me the come hither look. I decided to brave the rain and go home. I got on my motorbike but it wouldn’t start. I’m normally not the most adept mechanic and with the beers drunk over the last couple of hours I wasn’t even going to try to get the bike going. Just as I was deciding to push the bike more than ten kilometres to my home, I saw one of the ladyboys put her cigarette in her mouth and totter over to me.

Sexily clad in a mini skirt and towering over me in her stilettos, she asked me in a deep husky voice, “Hey handsome man, need any help?”

Then without waiting for a reply she bent down and fiddled with the engine. After about five minutes, she stood up straight and kicked the motor a couple of times. Then hitching her miniskirt even higher she straddled the bike and to my surprise the engine roared into life. 

I thanked her and asked how much she wanted but she refused any payment. I asked if I could give her a lift anywhere but she declined that too. I looked at her hands now full of motor oil. I looked at her heavily made up face now streaked by the rain. I saw only sadness there. I stood on my toes and kissed her, or him, on either cheek. 

- By Fabien Vuillerey -


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