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Southern Laos (New)

Southern Laos (New)
Photo by Xayphaphone Matmanivong - Tad Yuaeng

A land of diversity

Discover Waterfalls and Ethnic Villages

Thanks to the unique geology and climate of the Bolaven Plateau, a large number of rivers crisscross the highlands turning into scenic waterfalls along the way. Many of these waterfalls, now accessible by gravel or paved roads, are great for trekking or visits to ethnic minority villages. Basic to resort-style facilities are available in some of them. Oh! recommends: 


  • Tad Lo (84km):In Ban Saen Nang Village, also known as Tad Lo, you can find a selection of basic accommodation and restaurants. It is worth staying and exploring the area, as there are several waterfalls including Tad Hang, Tad Lo and Tad Suong. You can swim in some of the pools near the waterfalls. In the evening you might observe elephants bathing just above the Tad Lo waterfall. There are also trekking options and you can hike with a local guide to waterfalls and ethnic villages in the surrounding area.

  • Tad Yuang (40km): Tad Yuang (40km): Explore the stunning waterfall from a different route. Follow a path to reach the lookout points at the top, middle or bottom of the waterfall where you can have lunch. If you are brave and prepared, you could also have a swim. Next to the access road to Tad Yuang, is a small coffee shop that offers visits to its coffee and tea plantations and to their gardens with pepper, avocado, blackberries, strawberries, cacao and others local products, depending on the season.


By Air: Flights to Pakse from Vientiane, Bangkok, Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City.

By Bus: International bus from Da Nang, Hue, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap  and Ubon Ratchathani.



Athena Hotel
R.13 Phabat Village, Pakse City, Champasak Province, Laos
Tel. +856-31-214 888

Hotel Pakse
Excellent rooftop bar and restaurant.
Tel: +856-31-312131

Sabaidee Valley
No.16E Road Paksong Town, Champasak Province, Laos
Tel. +856-31-219333


Four Thousand Islands

Embark on a different rhythm of Life

Photo by Lou Sensouphone

Si Pan Don or Four Thousand Islands is unique river archipelago situated in the Mekong River near the Cambodian border. It’s a place to unwind and experience traditional riparian village life.

Immerse yourself in the local pace of life, cycle through the traditional fishing villages or walk through rice paddies and explore the stunning waterfalls. Kayak along the Mekong to spot the rare and endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins, or simply relax in a hammock while watching local fishermen skillfully casting their nets. Be prepared; the sunsets in this part of the world are magical.

If you wish to delve deeper into local life, go on a Mekong River excursion and experience the local culture. For those interested in history, there are remnants from French colonial times. The Four Thousand Islands is a truly serene place, so come and stay.

Buses and minivans leave daily from Pakse to Muang Khong and Ban Nakasang, There are also songthaews from the Southern Bus Terminal. From Ban Nadasang take a boat to one of the islands and get the boatman can drop you at the guesthouse of your choice.Don Det is popular with young backpackers 


Little Eden 
owned by a Lao-Belgian couple this place is about quality and comfort. An extensive menu with European delights.
Tel: +856-20-7773 9045

Mama Leuah Guesthouse
Great views of water buffalo having their morning swim.
Tel: +856-20-59078792

Don Khon
a quiet island with a mix of mid-to-upmarket accommodation 

Pon Arena Hotel
Tel: +856-31-253065

Source: Southern Lao Guide Book


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