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Koh Dach Cambodia

Koh Dach Cambodia

Koh Dach Island, located just 8 km from Phnom Penh, is a world of peace and tranquility. North of the island, the Mekong splits into two enriching the land with its alluvium. The island is accessible only by small ferries that shuttle from morning till night from the mainland. After dark, when all traffic across the river stops, the island closes like an oyster, cut off from the world. On this island everyone knows each other and family and clan remain the center of the world.


Discover traditional Cambodia with communities still living in stilt houses hidden by lush vegetation. Secluded and sleepy Koh Dach is bound by views of rice paddies, vegetable farms and fruit orchards, allowing you to experience authentic Mekong life.

Silk is the main activity of the island, which is why it is sometimes called “Silk Island”. The clatter of the looms is a reminder that there is still life on this island. Weaving is a woman’s activity and around the loom, we see grandmother, mother, and daughter patiently and meticulously dyeing, spinning and working the looms.


Koh Dach has some beautiful pagodas including Ampor Phal, Kra Pumpich and Sa Maki Kbal Koh and some abandoned French colonial houses. In the northern part of the island, especially during summer, you can enjoy swimming in the sea, or walking the beach-lined with thatched huts and food stalls. A perfect place for a memorable day out.


Hire a tuktuk in Phnom Penh to take you to the port for the ferry.


Villa Koh Dach serves Khmer and French cuisines. A must-try for visitors to the island.

Makeshift huts and structures lined along the shore sell varieties of local dishes and delicacies.


Villa Koh Dach. This guesthouse, the first built on the island, is the perfect place for the traveler in search of the simple pleasures of life.

www. villakohdach.free.fr

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